Harlem Sites ☆

| July 21, 2010

One day after walking home from TC, a friend and I literally stumbled onto St Nick’s Pub on 149th street and St Nicholas in Manhattan. This was the often notorious Sugar Hill area of Harlem. The entrance to the pub is shabby and is lead down by steps that are uneven and cracked…should we go in? We had heard of the popular St Nick’s…could this be the same place…but we heard music; rich jazz and the sound of a trumpet.
We went in…it was like something out of a Baz Luhrmann scene…enthralling and scary at the same time…yet we were moved.

People had friendly faces – a man gave us seats at the bar – drinks were served in disposable cups…but oh, the music! We went in there at 9-30pm…and left the early (late) hours of the morning. It was glorious, it was wonderful…it is the place I go to often, people know my name and I am building up the courage to sing at Monday amateur nights. I feel the presence of the ‘Greats’ here…I understand again the community spirit of a people always engaged in struggle and revolution.